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Capture and distill critical operational and safety information from Daily Huddles

Distill's 'Huddle Recording System' delivers a record of searchable transcripts of Daily Huddles
Distill's 'Recording Kit' enables easy recording of Huddles
Distill AI creates a transcript and minutes for each Huddle
A 'Transcript Portal' contains a searchable record of all Huddles

How Distill pilot improves your Lean Ops

Involve the entire team
Enables efficient distribution of Huddle record via SMS to crew arriving later
Auto-translates transcript as needed
Reduce waste
Delivers alerts linking to relevant segment of Huddle transcript by topic. Users and teams can track topics by keywords
Also alerts and links to discussion of blockers, changes, clashes, etc.
Improve root cause analysis
Enables efficient auditing of operational breakdowns for continuous learning. Can record, by keywords, names, dates
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* Recording Huddle for at least 7 days
Learn more. Receive pilot details, and we’ll contact you to schedule a 15min intro to the pilot.

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Supporting Systems and Functionality

Supplement with searchable transcription of team video calls. Integrates with MS Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, RF radio, etc.
Integrates with construction platforms (e.g., Procore, Autodesk) to identify any inconsistencies with plans discussed
Distill AI extracts operationally critical information from onsite voice communications and messaging
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