Distill AI extracts operationally critical information from onsite voice communications and messaging

Realtime communications

PTT, calling, in-person meetings, texts, files. AI assistant enables hands-light use, search, tasks.

AI Transcription

Realtime transcription with high accuracy for project construction parlance and project names

AI 'Content Distillation'

Extracts and distills operationally useful information from all communications.

Realtime reporting

Meeting minutes, ops summaries, DB updates, targeted alerts. Delivers to your systems via APIs.
And Distill AI integrates with your construction management system to enhance AI transcriptions and Content Distillation and for the realtime delivery of updates

Real-time voice communication

PTT, calls, in-person meetings. Distill also supports texting, files.

AI Transcription

Transcribes voice. Utilizes integrations to recognize names and jargon.

Communications in text form

'Natural language' voice transcripts and text messaging

AI Content Distillation

Distill applies AI to communicates to distill operationally useful information. Uses project's structured data.

Real-time reporting

Meeting minutes, updates, targeted alerts

Distill AI Pilot

Extract, Distill and syndicate valuable info from online and in-field meetings

Unlock the value of call recordings. Distribute critical ops and safety info from in-field meetings.

Supporting Systems and Functionality

Conversational AI assistants
AI mobile voice assistants for hands-light field actions
SMS texting bots via web for onsite collaborators
Real-time AI and comms infrastructure
Telco-grade architecture
Transcribe RF walkie-talkie comms
Mission Critical smartphone PTT
VoIP calling, texting, file sharing
Open and Integrated
With construction platforms: Procore, Autodesk, PlanGrid...
With communications: WhatsApp, SMS, Zoom, RF radio